Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 in 10~~Day 2

Okay, I must admit this is a lot a bit harder than I thought it was going to be. Each thing that I have done has caused me to do two or three additional things and made somewhat of a huge mess. That's not cool. But, I do feel a sense of pride in finishing what I have. Tomorrow and Thursday may not be that productive. Tomorrow Little Miss and I are going over to a friend's house who lives near a lake to have a Lake Date. Super Excited!! And on Thursday, we are going to a Mommy and Me play date. Super Excited about that too...I miss all the moms and their cuties!! I still get chills at the thought of ME getting to go to a Mommy and Me group where I am one of the mommies. Wow, our God is AWESOME!

Okay....back to my list. I have need to hurry. Gracelyn Faith is almost finished drinking her milk with her daddy and I need to eat her face. :)

The List
Blue=Day 1
Green=Day 2
  1. clean silver ~~not too hard
  2. paint guest bathroom~~prepped everything...aka~take everything out and make a huge mess in guest room
  3. redecorate bathroom~~gathered stuff together~~found more stuff :)
  4. clean air vents~~that was easy and so needed. I bet we all will breath better now and maybe save a few dollars on the electric bill.
  5. clean all light fixtures (yuck)
  6. clean back and front porches
  7. sell back porch furniture :)
  8. clean out fireplace (yuck!!) ~~I want to rename this one DOUBLE YUCK!
  9. get carpet clean ~~called to get this done today and they did not call me back :(~~Called again they are coming on Friday @ 11. Yay for now more Little Miss milk stains!
  10. clean out my closet ~~Mama, do you want anything?
  11. clean out front closet~~~~that was a job, but looks good!
  12. clean out guest closet (scary!!)~~This was redonkulous!!!! This took up most of the day and made me go to Wal-Mart to buy a bucket to put more of Grace's clothes in that she has out grown! Tori, Little Miss King has a lot of stuff coming her way! I pray God blesses us with another one too. Grace had some cute stuff!
  13. clean out kitchen junk cabinet (yes, we have a junk cabinet...sad, I know)
  14. redo headboard in guest room (I have a great idea)
  15. clean out bathroom cabinets~~not too hard...had a trash bag full of trash and a box full for the yard sale I need to have
  16. vacuum around all baseboards ~~waiting to do after the carpet is cleaned
  17. make signs for the garden
  18. repaint back porch
  19. wash curtains ~~no more jam from Little Miss' fingers
  20. change curtains around ~~what a difference that made!
  21. paint back door (it looks like some little doggies and a little girl have banged on it)
  22. recover chair in bedroom~~kind of worked on this, but I did not like what I was using...on the hunt for some vintage looking to use.
Not as good as Day 1. I wish I could add all the other things that I did today to The List that were not on there. Like:
  • prepare and feed Little Miss 3 meals
  • prepare and feed Little Miss many snacks....LOL just proofread this and had snakes!
  • (homemade fruit ice pop)
  • cleaned kitchen from said meals and snacks
  • washed dishes
  • washed slippy cup parts
  • unloaded the dishwasher
  • washed a load of clothes
  • folded towels
  • sorted several loads
  • redid the laundry liner...find it, iron it and put it back on
  • read books with Gracelyn
  • had "cozy" time with Miss Grace
  • Played dolls...melt my heart!
  • (feeding baby Abby a snack)
  • picked up LOTS of toys
  • walked the dogs...Gracelyn walked Samson. Hilarious!! She loved it and did a great job.
  • helped water the garden
  • went to Wal-Mart...not my favorite place
  • went to Good Will....found some cool stuff :)
  • went to Habitat for Humanity
  • loaded the car to go to the dump
  • went to the dump and dumped
  • went to Sonic and shared a Lemonberry Slush with Gracelyn....YUMMO but, sugar overload for her (not me)! You all should try one. Half price everyday from 2-5. A medium is only 96 cents.
  • sorted stuff from the Yard Sale, moved to dining room and then moved it all to another place
  • talked to my sister for awhile
  • talked to my mom for a while
  • changed a little butt butt lots of times
  • painted the cutest little toe nails
  • gave Gracelyn Faith a bath
  • packed chicken and put it in the freezer
  • straighted our room
  • straighted Gray's room
  • typed this blog while watching Little House
  • retyped this blog three times.  Blogger kept loosing it "Error".  What!!!! Let me just call another REDONKULOUS! I feel better.
Okay, I feel a little better about My List after seeing today's list with it. No wonder I am tired. It's a great tired. Grace was tired too. I stopped to eat her face and get her "cozy" in her bed with her baby Abby. She gave her paci to the dolly and made sure she was "cozy cozy"....oh, how I love her!! So now I am going to get "cozy" with my Mr. Big Love.

I hope you all are having a productive week too. I will quote Charles Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie), "God put sweat in a man's body to work". LOL...Joli, that was for you....and I guess me. I do love that show.
With Love


  1. I guess that quote is for me also:)))))

  2. Girl you are making me feel really bad because I didn't accomplish that much today! Busy entertaining my kids and their friends! Painted three sets of fingernails and toenails!