Monday, February 8, 2010

Happiness in the Small Stuff

Here are a few of the small blessings that I really enjoy and value. Life is about the small blessings in our everyday life. It’s up to us to stop, see and appreciate them for what they are….true blessings.
1. A kiss that comes out of no where
2. A smile from Itty Bitty like I just hung the moon

3. A fire in the fireplace
4. The smell of coffee
5. the taste of coffee
6. an afternoon nap

7. no traffic when you are running late
8. the way Matt smells after he shaves
9. Clean cold sheets
10. Goodnight kisses
11. Back rubs
12. Throwing my arms back and taking a deep breath. I call it “Sucking in the day.”
13. The way carpet feels and looks after you vacuumed
14. The sound of the birds outside my classroom door
15. Love notes like “just hit brew”
16. Not having to get gas for the car
17. The way my dogs love me no matter what

18. Being able to see all the beautiful colors God made
19. A cold can coke
20. Getting in a bed that was made up
21. A hot shower with a new bar of soap
22. Clear fingernail polish
23. The smell of vanilla
24. A decorating magazine
25. Getting a magazine in the mail
26. Netflix
27. Bananas
28. A food jar filled with flowers

29. High speed wireless internet
30. Still getting to watch Little House on the Prairie everyday
31. Apple butter on warm toast
32. A good writing pen
33. Getting to talk with my family on Skype
34. DVR
35. Floss picks
36. Starter logs for the fireplace
37. Hersey’s Carmel coffee creamer
38. Tomatoes sandwiches with lots of salt and pepper
39. Sweet tea
40. A curling iron that heats in about 20 seconds
41. A remote control
42. Walks on a warm spring/fall day with my family

43. Finding different ways to be crafty and frugal
44. Chocolate
45. An ice cream cone

I could go on and on. I would love to hear some of the small things that you’re grateful for.

God bless,

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Itty Bitty is a Big Girl

It is so hard to believe that Gracelyn Faith turned four months old on the 30th. Without sounding like I’m bragging, even though I am, I must say she is such a smarty. She is very inquisitive and observant and wants to check everything out to see what it is. It is so true what people say about seeing things in a new way. Watching her stare at things with such amazement really does make you look at them in a different light too. Who knew the remote could look so interesting.

She found her feet last week and is totally enjoying them. They are in her mouth most of the time. Being that she is an Itty Bitty, every time she grabs her foot she grabs her clothes that are about two inches too long for her. It is just the cutest thing to watch her wonder where in the world her foot went. I should probably give her a pedicure so her toes are at least a little cleaner when she sucks on them.

I am very proud to announce that Gracelyn Faith is officially in her basinet and sleeping through the night. Go, Gracelyn!! Go, us!! She has slept through the night since about 5 weeks old, but it was only when she was swinging away in her swing. We didn’t think she would ever get out of that swing. I was starting to wonder if she would be taking it to college. Boy did we get use out of that gift! At three months old, we transitioned her to the basinet and she has done so well. It only took her a few nights to realize how great it was to stretch out. We can now just lay her down wide awake and she will fall asleep on her on. It is WONDERFUL!! In the next few weeks I hope to transition her to her crib.

Gracelyn loves to pull the covers over her head when she is going to sleep and sleeping. It makes me crazy and if I were to let the Devil win, it would put pure fear into me. I have decided to stand firm and let God protect her and her breathing. I must admit, it is cute to watch her rub her blankets on her face.

I hope you all have a blessed day!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet Baby Girl and Her Mommy

Please keep my dear sister and her unborn baby girl in your prayers. She is having complications that are very serious to both her and baby. She will be 35 weeks tomorrow. I thank you for any and all prayers for Joli and little baby girl. This is a photo that I took of her and baby a few weeks ago.

God Bless,