Thursday, July 15, 2010

a family that rides together, stays together

Over the summer, I took Gracelyn to the beach and met our family at an amusement park to celebrate Father's Day with our dad. The only downer was that Matt was not able to go with us. He had to work that day so he could take off Sunday for church and his first Father’s Day….that made it totally worth it!

It was so nice to have my brother’s family, my sister’s family, my parents, and Little Miss all together. We all had such a wonderful time riding the rides…adults included.
My niece, Farah Elisabeth, was terribly upset that she was not tall enough to ride the Pirate Ship. Lucky for her, and us, they had a "big girl" Pirate Ship that was just the right size.
I started feeling a little sad for my thrill seeker, Gracelyn. I knew that she would love to ride too. The only requirement to ride the little ship was that you had to be wearing shoes. Of course this was the one day that I did not have shoes on Gracelyn. Farah Elisabeth, who is three, graciously allowed Little Miss (who still wears a size 2 at eight months old) to wear her shoes so that she could ride…I guess she knew the pain of not getting to ride. The ride attendant just smiled and laughed at us when we sat down and the shoes plopped off.

I pray that you are enjoying family time as much as we are.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lovable Losers

On July 4th, Matt and I, along with his dad and step mom, took Gracelyn Faith to another Cubs game.  Even though they lost, we had a wonderful time and made lots of great memories.  Gracelyn is two for two with Cubs games...gotta love the lavable losers. 

Hope you all are making wonderful summer memories too.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Growing While I'm Working

I went back to work today. Little Miss looked like she grew while I was gone. Her hair looked longer tonight. She talked more…I guess she was trying to tell me about her day. It made me sad that I’d missed it all. I’m so thankful that Ms. Amy, our nanny,  loves on her for me while I have to work. I couldn’t do it if not for her. She is sleeping now and I miss her…physically miss her—my heart hurts. I wish I could go and hug her one more time for the night.

I pray that tomorrow is a little easier.