Friday, September 9, 2011

different seasons in life

for those of you who know me, you know that i love things to be neat and everything in its own place. well, that is still true but i have also learned that there are different seasons in life where that is not as easily done or as important.  (paused to help a crying baby) 

this morning i was talking to my sister and she was telling me of a friend of ours that had given us both the sweetest heartfelt compliment.  our friend said that we inspire her.  how sweet is that!?  Me...I inspire someone?  Then i started thinking of all the other people who have given me so many wonderful compliments since the twins were born.  I am always getting, "Wow, you must be busy!" "How do you do it all?" (pause to help a different crying baby.) "You are awesome." (pause to help 1st crying baby again.) The truth is, I don't. I can't do it all. I tried and my family and I were miserable. I have learned to let things go a lot a bit and that is more than okay. (pause to help both crying babies)

well after talking with Joli, I looked around my home and saw what the Lord had so graciously given me blinders to.  There was is stuff everywhere.  I had an overwhelming feeling to invite everyone over to see that "I don't do it all".  I know that is not possible (mainly because I would then need to shower) so I decided to pick up my camera and show you all.  (pause to help a crying baby that is now on my lap)
(cute photo of the babies i keep getting up to get)
I hope these photos also show our girls that we played with them more than we dusted, more than i washed the floors or laundry. i hope they remember the fun we had playing in the playroom. Remember getting to jump on the beds or play in the sink of "woty".  Oh, that is my prayer for today.  I pray they know that we loved them more than a clean home. 
on this some note, i will say that i do believe in caring for your home and what is in it.  i feel that the Lord does want you to care and respect what you have been given or you should not have it...give it to someone who needs it more.  So, I am happy to say that 75% of the MESS in those pictures is cleaned up...but it was done with the help of miss gracelyn and during nap time.  (pause to go get the other crying baby) The other 25% can wait. It does not have to ALL be done.  (pause for crying baby...i guess they don't want me to do this) 
okay...where was I.  After all that crying, pooping, and vomit, I have no idea what else I wanted to say.  So, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
**photos are not edited....who has the time for that?!

stuff everywhere from this morning's photo shoot
the girls and my morning cups still in living room @ 11:00


this is how gracelyn faith gets on the counter
one unmade bed

second unmade bed

my closet

the soon to be redone (for the 100th time) nursery

hannah rose and elisabeth hope's closet

this really is not that bad....considering we go through 12 bottles a day (6 each)

I do hope this post is not going to just "air our dirty home" but I hope it shows other moms and dads that for every thing there is a season.  Our family is in the "messy" season and we are loving every minute! (guess what...gotta go get a baby)



  1. I love it!! I never thought you would be writing this:) It looks like we have been there for a visit. lol I love all of the new pictures of the girls. They are so big and so beautiful!!!!

  2. I see a lot of love. You have your priorities in the right order. I love the pictures of the girls. I can not believe how much the babies have grown. Too cute.

  3. These are precious moments! I am glad to see that you are soaking them all in! Sometimes the house will just have to wait! This season will soon pass and it will be something new! The girls are absolutely adorable!

  4. The baby's are so cute,i can't wait to see them.

    love Isaac.

  5. I enjoyed reading this so much!! You and Joli inspiring me also in so many ways Farah!! I know i have read this about 2 times, just priceless!!,i loved it:)