Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank you, God for Gracelyn's Powerful Healthy Lungs

Yesterday Gracelyn and I went on an impromptu trip to Target. Gracelyn was one loud chick the whole time. One lady who worked there came up to us and said “Girl, is that you making all the noise? When you become an opera singer you better come back and see me!” I think that was a very nice way of saying “Girl, you are too loud!” and “Lady, can’t you get her to stop!”

One more thing about our trip---
Picture it-a very packed card section in Target. Gracelyn Faith & I squeezing our way in to find the perfect cards for her daddy and granddaddies. That's when it all happened. Gracelyn started screaming singing at the top of her powerful lungs. Then she proceeded to rip cards off the stands and try to eat them. Of course being my daughter, she only grabbed the expensive musical ones that cost about $7.00 each.  It was obvious that everyone wanted us to leave. There were no smiles, no one saying "aww, she is precious" or even "oh my, she is loud". I felt like I had taken her to the library. I had no idea the card section was such a serious area.  So what did I do, I started laughing and gave her a huge loud kiss. I told her to sing because  if it was not for her, I would not have been buying the “Daddy’s Princess” card.  Gracelyn was the only one that found that funny.  That just made both of us laugh even more.  I guess after praying for eight year to have her, a little screaming sounds good.

To all you moms, please see the joy in your loud sweet baby. God has blessed us with a precious gift and we should enjoy every minute of each day. 


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