Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Loving Life

This has been the best Christmas. I have enjoyed every party, meal, laugh, conversation and minute that I have had to spend with my friends and family.

Christmas morning was the best. At about 5 am, Matt woke me up and asked if I was ready to open presents. He said that Gracelyn was awake and ready, but when I looked over at her she was sound asleep. I could see the excitement in his eyes so I could not resist. He looked like a five year old that had been waiting for hours. So after waking our soundly sleeping 12 weeks old, we quickly made our way to the tree. We spent several hours just taking in every minute of everything...the dogs enjoying their new bones, Gracelyn's sweet morning giggles, and reading the bible with her.

After presents, we headed to the kitchen to make a delicious breakfast. We had yummy frittatas with sausage and potatoes. As Matt cooked, I called our families on Skype to share in their mornings. I love Skype. It was so wonderful getting to see all their faces even though they are so far away. The best part was seeing the kids (Joli and Sean's blessings) faces and hearing about all the new gifts.

The Sunday after Christmas, we headed to my grandma's house. It was the first time Mama Pat got to see Gracelyn Faith. I could see the joy and love in her eyes when she got to hold her the first time. It was a moment that I had dreamed of for almost eight years.

On Monday, my wonderful in-laws arrived from Illinois and have been staying with us. I love having them here. I am so blessed to have married into a loving family. I loved them from the moment that I meet them, but my love has grown in a new way since seeing them love our precious baby girl. They are so sweet with her and love her so much.

Peggy (my mother in-law), Gracelyn and I had a girls shopping day today. It was so nice and relaxing. We were on a hunt for craft materials for me to make a few things for Gracelyn. If all goes well with hers, I hope to sell them. I have been praying for God to tell me a way to make some extra money or better yet, allow me to stay home with her. I guess I will have to wait and see if this was His answer.

Well, my Little Miss is finished eating and I need to put her to bed...or swing.
God Bless!