Monday, December 21, 2009

10 Things I Love About Gracelyn Faith

I just read a blog that my sister wrote about 10 things she loved. I thought it was such a cute ides that I wanted to do one too. So her goes...

10 Things I Love About Gracelyn Faith

1. The way she looks into my eyes with complete love and acceptance.
2. I love the way she laughs and giggles when she wakes up. She is such a happy baby!
3. The way she holds my finger while she is eating.
4. I love how she sticks her little butt out when I pick her up.
5. The way she smells after a bubble bath.
6. Her little lizard tongue. She loves to stick it out! I added a photo so you can see just how cute she is when she does it.
7. I love how she smiles at me when I am talking with her. Yes, she does "talk"back. We have had some great conversations.
8. I love that she is such a wonderful traveler. She has only cried once in the car.
9. That she is a daddy’s girl. It warms my heart to watch them together.
10. How she loves to “sing” with me. She loves music. Her favorite is “Jesus Loves Gracelyn”