Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Go Cubs, GO!

Over my spring break, Matt and I took Gracelyn Faith to her first Chicago Cubs game on Opening Day at Turner Field. It was an awesome, very hot, exciting day.
Gracelyn seemed to really enjoy the game. I thought she would since she is such a “watcher”. She sat on my lap and checked everything out for most of the game.

Gracelyn got as red as a lobster at one point so I just did what any sane mother would do…put her into the sink! After excusing ourselves to the front of the extremely long bathroom line, I quickly plopped my lobster baby in the nasty sink. Little Miss slashed a bit, I put wet napkins on her head and neck, people stared and whispered and then …she was back to her peachy self. That is what you call parenting at its best!

We are planning a trip to Chicago in July and plan to take Gracelyn to a home game while we’re there....shhhh, don't tell Matt's mom.  It's a surprise! A Cubs game at Wriggle Field was one of our first dates when Matt took me to meet his family for the first time....aww, the memories.  As you may recall, Matt wanted to name Gracelyn-- Wriggle at one point. I am glad I did not give in on that one.

Well, that's all for now. I hope all is fantastic in your world. 
God Bless~~~Farah

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